Krüsi Maschinenbau AG, more than 50 years of high-quality woodworking machines

All Krüsi machines are completely made in Switzerland in order to ensure maximum quality and reliability.

Krüsimatic G1 woodworking center Compact, versatile, efficient, precise
CNC controlled woodworking machine (type G1: woodworking unit, type G2: block construction)

Lignamatic CNC woodworking center For creative and innovative timber constructions
First fully automatic CNC controlled woodworking machine. Over a dozen Lignamatics are in daily heavy use worldwide - reliably and successfully.

Circular cutoff ripsaw Krüsi LKSA-98 / 05 CE – Fast, precise, reliable, safe 
Designed especially for the efficient sawing of solid timeber, boards, synthetic or insulating materials, and aluminum of any kind

Chalet machine Krüsi CM-40 Efficient, precise, robust
Log house construction unit that can be upgraded to a fully automatic construction machine

Joinery woodworking machine Krüsi ZA-66/95 CE compliant design with safety booth
The reliable tenon milling cutter - tried and tested for over 50 years.